Complementary Healing For Life

Once you understand healing is deeper than your physical and mental layers, you will start your healing journey

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Distance Reiki

Enjoy Reiki healing where
you are comfortable

In person Reiki

When possible I will come to you
to provide Reiki

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation for your desired purpose

Welcome to ‘The Reiki Studio’

Experience the healing possibilities that Reiki provides. Globally there is much anecdotal evidence for its efficiency and I have built up a little library of my own: click here to check out my clients’ testimonials


“Healing begins within each person at the energetic level. The best treatment is to prevent disease through a balanced lifestyle and creating a harmonious free flow of energy through ones body.”

CHRISTOPHER LEMBKENatural Healer and Reiki Practitioner
Energy Healing is something that comes natural to me and I have been able to administer prior to becoming a Reiki Practitioner. A key aspect to my own self-healing and practice is different meditation techniques. I use these techniques to sharpen my therapeutic practice and results. When I discovered my healing abilities I healed myself from all my allergies, back pains and siatic nerve issues; with those results I lacked no confidence bringing my abilities to benefit others


Reiki Healing is for everyone! It works to balance your subtle energy body to give you clarity and calm resulting in a healthier physical body. Since the last stage of manifestation of energetic imbalances is in your physical body, it is best used to prevent the physical symptoms. However, in western societies we tend to only treat symptoms and not prevent them, Reiki is a very powerful complimentary therapy to assist in all types of symptoms of body and mind.

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki produces more potent healing energy in a shorter space of time. The reasons for this are not clear, but one aspect is that you take away the physical presence and expectations.


In-person Reiki

In-person Reiki opens up healing opportunities on a multitude of levels; human touch, spoken words, companionship and connection.


Guided Meditation

Many people find that meditation is too difficult; they just cannot settle down and enjoy the emptiness and spending time within themselves. Talking through these challenges and being guided through the process is usually the key to getting a head start.


Contact us to find out how we may help You!

I welcome you to make contact with me prior to committing and we will figure out what specific assistance I can give you to ensure maximised results.